Deals with surgical treatment in the region of mouth , face and neck…….

Wisdom tooth surgery

wisdom teeth often erupt awkwardly and cause problems like swelling and pain. They can be removed painlessly under local anaesthesia by a minor surgery.


Cysts and tumours of jaws

sometime appear as painless swellings in the jaws or face. They might have caused by some trivial factors years back. They should be removed by surgery which may be safely carried out under local or general anaesthesia.


Infections of mouth ,face and neck

decayed teeth, gum diseases, small injuries etc can lead to dangerous infections of mouth ,face and neck. These are characterized by swelling ,pain, redness of the area involved and should be immediately attended.


Surgical treatment for medically compromised patients

patients who are suffering from diseases like diabetes, hypertension, heart problems, asthma, bleeding disorders etc need special care prior to, during and after surgical treatment because of their medical condition and the medications they are using.


Fractures of jaws and facial bones

road side accidents, falls, sports injuries sometimes lead to fractures of facial bones and jaws .In such cases fractured bone fragments are replaced in their correct position and fixed by various means. Cuts on the skin are repaired by plastic surgical methods to minimize unaesthetic scarring.

Treatment for reduced mouth opening

patients habituated to tobacco suffer from reduced mouth opening because of hardening of the oral mucosa. Medical and surgical treatments are available for such patients. Quitting of the habit is mandatory though.


Surgery for joint disorders

certain patients experience pain, clicking sounds and difficulty to open and close the joints of jaws. Such disorders can be corrected by elaborate joint surgeries. Certain patients develop fusion of the jaw joints (ankylosis) due to various reasons and cannot open their mouth.Surgery is greatly beneficial in such cases.

Sinus and salivary gland disorders

problems like decreased salivary flow and dry mouth can be due to stones in our salivary glands. Persistant rhinitis can be due to sinus disorders. All such problems can be managed medically or surgically or both.


Facial corrective surgeries

Discrepancies and deformities of jaws and face like small or large jaws, nose ,chin etc can be corrected to a fair degree by orthognathic and cosmetic surgeries. These surgeries need elaborate planning and may need prolonged follow up.


Scar revision

injuries sometimes leave ugly looking scars on our face which affects our personality. Such scars can be made more acceptable with surgery.


Dental implants

Lost teeth can be most appropriately replaced by dental implants. They feel and look very close to our natural teeth. Implant teeth are based on small screws that are placed in our jaws by a small painless surgery mostly under local anaesthesia.



for painless, bloodless and stichless surgery



get rid of those unwanted wrinkles and much more



Deals with preservation of natural but decayed teeth and also the cosmetic improvement of dental problems…

Cosmetic dental fillings (Composites)

Decayed parts of the teeth appear dark colored and this has a negative effect on our personality. Previously such decayed teeth were filled by silver fillings, but these fillings themselves look dark grey and cant bond to the tooth cavity. Composites are tooth colored filling materials which bond with the tooth, are as strong as silver fillings and appear so natural that it becomes difficult to find the actual tooth with the filling.

Root canal treatment

Badly decayed teeth sometimes give severe pain and even swelling. Such teeth can be saved and made fully functional like normal teeth by root canal treatment, where the damaged nerves inside the tooth are removed and replaced by special filling materials. For better strength, such treated teeth often require crowns.

Tooth whitening (Bleaching)

Many patients complain of their teeth not being white enough. This may be natural ,due to diseases like fluorosis, some illness or medicines taken during childhood or due to habits like smoking, excessive tea etc. Such teeth can be whitened by special chemicals which can be safely applied on teeth surfaces and good results can be expected in a week or a few weeks time depending upon the severity of stains. The procedure can be carried out in the dental office or at home.

Metal or tooth colored fixed artificial teeth ( Crown and Bridge)

These fulfill your desire to enjoy eating even if you loose some of your natural teeth. The covers made on teeth (crown) for better strength or fixing of missing tooth with adjacent supports (Bridge) are bonded with special adhesives to the tooth for permanent fixing. Tooth colored ceramic bridges benefits you much more in the sense of its strength, longevity, cleanliness and the natural look.

Cosmetic laminates/ veneers

yellowish or discolored teeth due to above reasons can also be hidden by fixing the ceramic tooth colored laminate/veneer just on the outer front of the anterior teeth instead of fixing a cap on the whole tooth. This also improves slight discrepancies of shapes of teeth and reduces the need to cut healthy tooth structure for the cap.

Post and Core foundation

this makes it possible to save a severely destroyed tooth by root canal treatment first, followed by a foundation like preparation to rebuild a portion of lost tooth structure to put a crown over that. A stainless steel, titanium or even tooth colored pin is fixed in the root of the tooth and the upper portion then is built by permanent strong cement to support the crown from within!! Miniature civil engineering!!!

Dental jwellery

diamonds…why not on teeth?!! Surely and beautifully we quick fix a small cute jewel on one of the front tooth appropriately on one corner of your mouth, which gives u amazing sparkling smile. Can be removed whenever u want and can be kept for longer if u want. Adds to your beauty to many folds especially in marriage occasions, festivals etc..


Provided by other specialties' consultants………….


For correction of croocked and mal aligned teeth

  • Removable appliances for prevention of dental misalignment
  • Fixed orthodontic treatment with latest techniques and braces
  • Growth modification with Myo function appliances


For artificial replacement of teeth and organs of face

  • Life like ceramic and zirconia crowns and bridges
  • Bio function balanced dentures for greater retention and chewing comfort
  • Maxillofacial prosthesis for missing or surgically removed facial structures like after cancer surgery


For treatment of diseases related to gums

  • Advanced treatment of pyorrhoea
  • Flap surgery and splinting for mobile teeth
  • Gum depigmentation for discoloured gums


For speciality treatment of dental problems occurring in children

  • Paediatric root canal treatment
  • Space maintainers
  • Pit and fissure sealants and fluoride application for prevention of tooth decay
  • Appliances for prevention and breaking of bad oral habits like thumb sucking


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