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Dr. Rohit Jayant Tatu M.D.S (Consultant Facio-maxillary Surgeon & TMJ Specialist )

About the Surgeon

Dr.Rohit Tatu is a Facio maxillary Surgeon practicing in his field of Specialization since 2005. He has more than 11 Years of institutional and clinical experience.
He has a keen interest in Temporomandibular joint(TMJ) disorders and has been treating these patients since long. He has presented scientific papers on Temporomandibular disorders(TMD) at Conferences of national level.He has trained himself for TMJ arthroscopy under eminet faculites from USA and India at Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences,Kochi. He has also underwent formal training for conservative management of TMDs at Mumbai.
Dr. RohitTatu believes in Comprehensive and holistic management of TMDs with proper approach and equipment.Facial trauma,maxillofacial pathology,aesthetic facial surgery,implants and LASER are his other areas of interest.

Advantages of TMJ Arthroscopy

  • Minimally invasive and Scarless.
  • Day care procedure requiring admission for a very short time (less than 1 day).
  • Clear visualization and diagonsis of the affected joint.
  • Washes off the inflammatory products(joint lavage/arthrocentesis).
  • Can release adhesions in the joint , hence improves movement.
  • Can take tissues for biopsy.
  • Can introduce medications into the joint.
  • Early recovery.

What is Temporomandibular Joint Discorder(TMD)?

Temporomandibular joint(TMJ)/jaw joint are 2 point which articulate our lower jaw with the skull base and play important role in chewing,swallowing,laughing andspeaking.
The TMJs ,along with the facial and neck muscles and teeth from a complex but harmonious system. Changes in any of the components can affect the others and the system.

Temporomandibular joint disorders(TMD)

are complex , poorly understood and characterisied by painful jaw joints and associated structures,clicking joints and limited jaw or both joints can be affected.

  • The causes can be:
  • Injuries to the joint from fall, sports,accident etc
  • Microsurgery for infections around the roots of teeth
  • Micro injuries from yawning,eating a big burger, long dental procedure, insertion of breathing tube for general anesthesia etc.
  • Faulty dental fillings/crowns/bridges
  • Infection around the joints
  • Systemic diseases like rheumatioid arthiritis
  • Diagnosis needs a systematic approach and can take a few days.

Treatments for TMDs

  • Numerous options which may be used in combination
  • Self care practices like soft diet, restriction of mouth opening, stress reduction,sleep improvement etc.
  • Analgesics and muscle relaxants.
  • Correction of faulty dental fillings/crowns/bridges
  • Full mouth rehabilitation to correct bite by orthodontics or prosthodontics
  • TMJ arthoscopy
  • Open joint surgery in advanced cases

TMJ arthroscopy

(First in Vadodara)

It allows entry into the affected joint by 1 or 2 needle punctures and is thus a minimally invasive, scarless and yet effective method.
The joint is directly visualized for correct diagnosis and treatment can be simultaneously done with fine instruments.
One of the globally best 1.9 mm TMJ arthroscope(Karl Storz,Germany) is used for a clear vision and precise instrumentation.


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